Top 8 Art Sets for Christmas Gifts


Looking for a gift that will make a difference for someone who likes to draw or paint?

Encourage their talents and imagination with a creative gift.

Motivate them with  professional artist approved art sets. Every selection on the list has its own deluxe storage box.

Under $10, $20, $30 and $50 !

Art Set Christmas Gifts for Under $10

Inspire artistic confidence this Christmas with a thoughtful art gift at a very low price


1. Drawing and Sketching Pencil Set In Zippered Carrying Case


The customized zippered carrying case allows ease of travel while storing and protecting your art tools

  • The Keep N' Carry features elastic bands to hold all your tools in place for easy traveling and storage
  • Includes 12 graphite pencils, 1 white eraser, 1 sharpener, 1 drawing pad and 1 zippered carrying case
  • Keep N' Carry measures 6-inch by 10-3/4-inch

2. Pro Art 18-Piece Sketch/Draw Pencil Set


Nautural finish Artist sketching pencils in reusable plastic case

  • Great for beginners
  • Set contains eight pencils, three charcoal pencils, one sketch stick and two charcoal sticks.
  • Additional two sharpeners, eraser and blender

3. Pentel Arts Oil Pastels, 50 Color Set


Brilliant colored pastels apply smoothly and blend easily for subtle shades, tints and color mixtures

  • Easy to use for artists of all ages
  • Acid-free pastels are ideal for use on paper, board or canvas
  • More vivid than chalk pastels and more resistant to the effects of humidity for longer-lasting drawings



Art Set Christmas Gifts for Under $20

Motivate to create with quality art gifts this Christmas.

4. Art Advantage Oil and Acrylic Brush Set


Twenty-four piece Artist brush set

  • Free canvas brush roll-up
  • Long wood handle brushes
  • Synthetic and natural bristle brushes
  • Perfect for oil and acrylic paint








5. Royal & Langnickel Deluxe Sketching Artist Box Set


Perfect for drawing and sketching on the go

  • Includes color pencils, graphite pencils, sketch pad, blending tools, sandpaper block, erasers, sharpener, instruction book
  • Black canvas zipper case is included

Art Set Christmas Gifts for Under $30

Encourage artistic talents with quality art gift sets.

6. Royal & Langnickel Deluxe Sketching Artist Box Set

  • The Deluxe Sketching Box Set by Royal & Langnickel is great for those who love to sketch and draw
  • The art set features a large array of tools to start experimenting or refine the sketching and drawing talents
  • Includes 12 graphite pencils, 6 compressed graphite sticks, 6 compressed charcoal sticks, 12 compressed color sticks, 4 pastel pencils, and more
  • Also includes 1 5-inch by 7-inch sketching/drawing pad, 1 mannequin, 1 6-inch ruler, 1 sanding block, 1 sharpener and more
  • Wooden storage box measures 13-7/8-inch by 6-7/8-inch by 2-1/2-inch

Art Set Christmas Gifts for Under $50

Acknowledge their creative passion this holiday with these beautiful pro-level gifts.

7. Royal & Langnickel Premier Sketch Pencil Art Set



  • Quality Essentials branded product in dark-toned wood case
  • Includes 12 graphite pencils, 12 compressed color sticks, 12 sketching sticks, 4-piece vine charcoal, 3 charcoal pencils, 2 blending stumps
  • 1 Sharpener, 1 sandpaper block, 1 knead able eraser, 1 drawing eraser
  • 1 Rich, dark-tone wood case with nesting trays, hinged lid and metal hasp closure


8. 215 Piece Deluxe Wood Art Set


  • A complete set of assorted art media
  • Comes in an organized wooden case
  • Case design is easy for travel
  • Comes with crayons, fine line markers, colored pencils and more
  • Set contains 215 pieces total