Game of Thrones Fan Art


The visual beauty of the HBO series Game of Thrones inspires artistic tribute.

That's just a nice way to say I’m so geeked out over this show that I use it for drawing practice and experimentation. This artwork is of the character

John Snow drawing by Anna-Lise
John Snow drawing by Anna-Lise

The design style is a montage that blends the shapes and lines with the symbols that represent the character to me. I used a limited palette of colors associated with Jon Snow to increase the drama and unite the many elements.

The paper is actually brown paper bag. Although it is not archival quality paper, I wanted to see how well it would perform since it is available to everyone. It holds up well under many layers of colored pencil techniques, but you need a light touch with erasers.

Detail of horses in the background
Detail of horses in the background
The skull of the crow
The skull of the crow


  • brown paper bag
  • Col-erase and Prismacolor pencils


  • layering and blending
  • burnishing for smoothness


  • try unusual paper or surface
  • stretch limits of traditional materials like pencils
  • color pencils are available hard, soft, waxy and erasable

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