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Time for creative play!

Artist theme clothing and accessories inspire kids to live out their dreams and try on ideas. Enrich their creative play and nurture the possibilities of their future.

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 18 inch Size Doll (like American Girl)

14 inch Size Doll (like Wellie Wishers)

New York Art Doll Collection Artist Doll

Art Class Supplies

Laurent Artist Clothing and Accessories Set

American Girl Art Studio Set

American Girl ‘Sage’ the Artist Video

Little Artist Outfit and Accessories

Art Set for 18 inch Dolls

American Girl Fashion Portfolio Set

Barbie Sized Doll

Barbie and Ken artist dolls and accessories inspire kids to dream big, aim high and have fun.

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Artist Barbie Outfit and Accessories

Barbie Crayola Color-In

Barbie Crayola Color-In

Vintage French Artist inspired Barbie

Frida Kahlo Barbie

Gustav Klimt inspired Barbie

Claude Monet inspired Barbie

Art Director Ken

Artist Barbie and Accessories

Art Studio for Barbie

Art Studio Barbie

Art Teacher Barbie

Andy Warhol / Edie Sedgwick inspired Barbie

Vincent Van Gogh inspired Barbie

Leonardo Di Vinci inspired Barbie

Producer Barbie

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