Artist Classic Studio Models

Posable wood manikins are icons of the classic studio artist. Just as popular with decorators as they are with artists. The wide variety of styles, sizes and finishes meets the needs of all types of artists.

Manikin or Mannequin?

Both terms are sometimes used interchangeably. 

Mannequin comes from the French - mannequin, meaning "an artist's jointed model", that came from the Flemish word manneken, meaning a "little man, figurine  - From Wikipedia

Dutch mannekijn little man, from Middle Dutch, diminutive of man. First known use 1536 - From Merriam-Webster

In the modern use, the term manikin usually refers to an artist's poseable wooden or plastic model that is not full- scale.

.Mannequin generally refers to a full-size model for the display or designing of garments.

Drawing makes you see things clearer, and clearer, and clearer still. The image is passing through you in a physiological way, into your brain, into your memory - where it stays - it’s transmitted by your hands.” 
— Martin Gayford, A Bigger Message: Conversations with David Hockney

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