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Today Is Art Day collector Artist figures turns history’s celebrated artists into fun action figures that aim to educate with interesting trivia and true-to-the-past accessories. Collect them all.

Specifications - 5 inches Tall, Made of PVC, Clear stand and accessories, for ages 12 and up.

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The ideal gift or decoration for budding painters or art history enthusiasts, this Van Gogh statue is dressed to impress with Dutch clogs and sunflower boutonniere. It comes with five masterpieces to display on the included cardboard mini-easel (Starry Night, Sunflowers, Self-Portrait, Bedroom in Arles, Café Terrace at Night). Brush up on art history trivia with 10 facts about the artist’s life and work.

A must for any Frida Kahlo fan, this charming action figure is ready for prominent display with a floral-scented hairband, signature braids and unibrow. Place Frida Kahlo next to a mini easel with one of four included cut-out artworks. Change up her look by detaching her Surrealist heart or charming parrot.

This glow-in-the-dark Leonardo da Vinci will keep the inspiration flowing all night long. The perfect adornment for any artist studio, he comes with a book, feather and removable hat. Use the cut out mini easel to display one of five masterpieces (Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, Virgin of the Rocks, Annunciation, Lady with an Ermine).

There’s more to Gustav Klimt than his “Golden Phase”—get to know the artist even better with this educational Klimt figure. A must for any art history fanatic or budding artist, two sets of reusable gold stickers are included for a little playful self-expression. Klimt wouldn’t be Klimt without his cat, Katze, who he holds in his arms. Comes with little-known facts about the artist and four paintings: The Kiss, Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I, Death and Life, and Rosebushes Under the Trees.

Discover Claude Monet with this playful, educational figurine—he’s best known for his water lilies, but did you also know he once turned a small boat into a floating studio? You’ll find this fact and nine others on this colorful, attractive box. The Impressionist comes to life with a lily in his hand and frog in his front pocket. Place him in hot water and watch new colors emerge. Use the mini cut-out easel to display one of five included paintings: Bridge Over Pond of Water Lilies, Impression, Sunrise, Woman with a Parasol, The Magpie, Grainstack, Sunset. 

A must for the serious Surrealist (or the playful one), this Magritte action figure easily transforms into “The Son of Man.” Check out his foot and you’ll notice a nod to one of his other famous works. And is that a pipe he’s holding or is it not a pipe? You decide. Take in a whiff of green apple from the scented apple and change up his look by removing his bowler hat.

Dalí once said, “Each morning when I awake, I experience again a supreme pleasure – that of being Salvador Dalí.” Display one of history’s greatest surrealists in your studio or home and be inspired by his dream-like style with five miniature paintings. Dalí was a true eccentric and known for his “wild” facial hair—change up his look with three playful mustaches, made from stainless steel. 

This playful, wide-eyed Vermeer action figure adds a stroke of whimsy to the art studio or office. Become “the Girl with the Pearl Earring” with the set of included pearl earrings or give them to your loved one. If that’s not enough, the artist is also holding pearls. Display your favorite Vermeer masterpieces on the mini cardboard easel. 

Pay homage to one of history’s greatest visual artists with this whimsical action figure. Based on his famous self-portraits, this Rembrandt comes with three facial expressions (serious, surprised and smiling) to play with. And that’s not the only way to change up this Dutch artist’s look—you can remove his signature beret. Comes in a box that includes four masterpieces (The Night Watch, Self-Portrait, Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp, The Return of the Prodigal Son). 

Advertising disclosure:  as an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases