Artist Toy Store

Updated September 18, 2018

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Lego of your inner Artist

Lego Parisian Cafe with upstairs Artist Studio

Van Gogh action figure, yes it's a thing.

Share your home or studio with a famous artist

Meet Barbie, the Artist

Barbie Museum Collection

Gustav Klimt Barbie

Vincent Van Gogh Barbie

Leonardo Da Vinci Barbie

Colorful and playful Frida Kahlo

Art Puzzle heads - 3D Art Head

It's Fine Art Puzzle Night

Tree of Life Puzzle

Starry Night Puzzle

Almond Branch Puzzle

Leonardo Da Vinci models you can build

Famous Artists Finger Puppets

Great Artist fingers puppets available individually. Made of soft fabric with embroidered features.
 They contain a magnet inside for displaying. About 4 inches tall. Click or tap artist for more info.

Vincent Van Gogh

Georgia O'Keeffe

Salvador Dali

Auguste Rodin

Diego Rivera


Claude Monet

Andy Warhol


Frida Kahlo

Gustav Klimt

Famous Art Go-Fish Card Games

Tattoo You, temporarily