Creative Inspiration


by Johannes Madsen


When we look at the sun it is impossible for us to imagine the journey it has taken. We know the sun as life-giving and we desire to be in the sunshine.

Sometimes we forget that we are extensions of the light of the sun. That the sun is a base that shines through us and everything we do is perpetuating the light.

Our creations are crystallised sunlight that shone on for ages.

We owe it to ourselves and the universe to honor our creative abilities, to cherish our creations and to be proud of ourselves as we create.

Having a healthy attitude towards ourselves and supporting yourself as a creator will accelerate our process and free up creativity.

We are a mighty creators on this planet but we get in the way of ourselves. We lose faith and doubt our creativity and lose out on important creations because of it.

Creation wants to come out of you like the shine of the sun bursting out. Having a good creative process is about clearing the clouds and making way for that shine to emanate freely from inside you.


It starts with accepting where you are and not needing to be 'perfect'. That perfection is just in your mind and it is untraceable by anyone so you shouldn't strive for it. Instead strive to keep doing what you are doing even when you feel resistance telling you 'it's not good enough'.

You wouldn't tell anyone else to stop in the middle of their creation so why should you tell yourself?

Start today. Decide to not hold back your light and begin expressing your creative power!

You have incredible things to bring to this world and we can't wait to see it.