Creative inspiration - Moving the world


by Johannes Madsen

We have separated our selves from the rest of the world. We look at ourselves as moving on the earth, we are in the world and not of it.


In that way we also cut ourselves away from what is most nourishing to us and from who we truly are.

When you look out there at trees, houses, grass and birds what you are seeing is you.

Without air, shelter, ground or life around you, "you" as a human body literally couldn't exist. You are dependent on the world in the same way you depend on your lungs, your legs or your skeleton.

Look at everything in the world as just another part of you.

When you walk across the world instead try to see yourself as moving the world.

Every step you take brings something in the world closer to you.


You create the reality you want to see around you and your responsibility is to make a nurturing one. Come back to your heart and find the most precious vision and direction for where you want to go.

Your heart is where your creative potential comes from and when you express it through art you are unfolding your heart into the world.

You are a tree growing into itself. You are fulfilling your true purpose when you free your heart and live in joy with everything you do.