How to be Creative in the Year of the Horse

The world celebrates the Chinese New Year.  2014 is the Year of the wood Horse.  The horse is active, fast and adventurous. This is a change from the previous slower year of the water snake.

The lively spirit of the horse this year is a great opportunity to take the energy and use it to unfold your creative abilities.

Make this the time to really get going. To set a direction for what you're going to accomplish and stay true to the path while embracing the surprises that will occur along the way.

  • Create more work than you ever have before 
  • Publish your work and get it seen by the world
  • Create partnerships with other artists, galleries, art shows or businesses

How you use the power of the horse in your creative life is up to you. The power comes from setting a tone and harnessing the energy for the next while in your life.

Use the start of the Chinese New Year for inspiration on setting your intentions and following through on them.

Write a top 5 most important things you want to have happen.

Be conscious every day of your top 5 .

Follow through on it and evaluate your progress

Draw, sketch or write about your feelings for 2014.

What you would like to see happen and how that would feel. Then you have that to remind you of the intentions you set now and it will help you stay on track.

artwork by Anna-lise

artwork by Anna-lise

Realize Your Dream to Be a Professional Artist


Do your dream

London street art by .akajimmyc
London street art by .akajimmyc

If we have great dreams we must to be willing to do something for them. Define your dream and put your effort towards realizing it. It takes work and dedication but if you are passionate you will attract things that someone with lots of money and no passion never could. If we are brave enough to follow our passion and shift our life towards realizing our dreams they will happen.

It takes believing in yourself and being responsible to yourself. We are responsible to our dreams.

Someone will think of their company as like their baby and take care of it as such. Can you nurture your art and make it grow, anticipate its needs, plan for its future, protect it and show it the right attention and care? Like investing your heart and soul into making your child grow up you put the same passion into realizing whatever vision you have. Following your passion will take work and in many ways a regular mindless job is much more comforting. If you want to be in charge you have to be the boss and the employee. That is a lot more responsibility and it takes managing yourself in a practical way.If you are do it and stick to it you will be able to live comfortably doing what you love.

Say 'I am an artist' proudly!

Things you can do to bring your dream into reality.


  • Write 5 things you want to make happen.
  • Do a dreamboard, put up pictures that remind you of what you to create.
  • Write inspiring affirmations on post-its down and put them up places you will see them.
  • Set up your workspace to you have things ready when inspiration strikes.
  • Dedicate structured time to working to working on your artwork.
  • Connect with like-minded creative people around you.

Artopia Book Recommendation

The War of Art

by Stephen Presfield

Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles

Expect this book to make a change in your creative life. This book is a classic among working artists

Yeah, that's a bold statement. But deep down inside you know that it is only you standing in the way of your potential.  This book will take you from the mentality of the weekend warrior - amateur artist, to what it is to be a professional artist.


Becoming a Professional Artist

We have the distant goal of wanting to be a professional artist but we might not think about what that really means to us. What life changes do we need to make to live a sustainable life as an artist? What do we actually want and how much work will it take to achieve that? What most of us want is really just a comfortable place to live and having food in the fridge. What will that cost and many paintings do you have to sell, at what price to maintain that?

These are practical questions that many artists don't ask themselves. Artists want to make art but besides making artwork there is figuring how you making artwork is going to sustain your lifestyle in the real world. That is an art in itself and we call it artrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are sometimes people who dedicate their heart and soul to realizing a vision for products and services that changes people's lives. In many ways it is similar to being an artist, having a vision and putting effort towards creating it and getting it in front of people.

  • Managing their time.
  • Setting goals and deadlines.
  • Leading themselves and others by example.
  • Networking and making connections to people.
  • Promote and stand by proudly of their product or service.[/list][/box]

Incorporating these disciplines into the work of being an artist is blending what it means to be an artist with what it means to be an entrepreneur.

That's why we call it artrepreneurship to describe the practice of being entrepreneurial with your artwork.

do your dream big
do your dream big

Artrepreneurial practice can help artists:

  • Earn more money.
  • Get more artwork done.
  • Be more established in communities.
  • Have consistent outlets to express yourself.
  • Feel better about yourself as an artist.

photos by

Johannes Madsen of artwork by .akajimmyc of London

Creative Inspiration


by Johannes Madsen


When we look at the sun it is impossible for us to imagine the journey it has taken. We know the sun as life-giving and we desire to be in the sunshine.

Sometimes we forget that we are extensions of the light of the sun. That the sun is a base that shines through us and everything we do is perpetuating the light.

Our creations are crystallised sunlight that shone on for ages.

We owe it to ourselves and the universe to honor our creative abilities, to cherish our creations and to be proud of ourselves as we create.

Having a healthy attitude towards ourselves and supporting yourself as a creator will accelerate our process and free up creativity.

We are a mighty creators on this planet but we get in the way of ourselves. We lose faith and doubt our creativity and lose out on important creations because of it.

Creation wants to come out of you like the shine of the sun bursting out. Having a good creative process is about clearing the clouds and making way for that shine to emanate freely from inside you.


It starts with accepting where you are and not needing to be 'perfect'. That perfection is just in your mind and it is untraceable by anyone so you shouldn't strive for it. Instead strive to keep doing what you are doing even when you feel resistance telling you 'it's not good enough'.

You wouldn't tell anyone else to stop in the middle of their creation so why should you tell yourself?

Start today. Decide to not hold back your light and begin expressing your creative power!

You have incredible things to bring to this world and we can't wait to see it.