Being brave enough to be Authentic


by Johannes Madsen


We would all like to be true to ourselves but somehow it can be very challenging It is easy to hide behind conventional ways of doing things and stick to old patterns because they are comforting. Trying to play it safe can limit your expression of who you truly are. It's like when you are a teenager and you feel that others look at you in a judgmental way. In your mind you repeat that people are focusing and it might make you uncomfortable. As an artist it is a brave thing to put your artwork out there and it's only fair that makes you feel outside your comfort zone. What matters is that you don't let your discomfort hold you back.

We need to grow past it and be comfortable with who we truly are.

You might feel pressured to live up to others expectations or that it is a shame to be noticed or recognised for your work. We encourage you to be yourself as you are!


The artistic establishment might bring you to play it safe and follow along. Don't let any criticism lead you to hide who you are. Your art has a purpose even if you can't express it with words. You are supposed to express it through your art. You are meant to show others what they can't see. Your perspective is totally unique and you should honor yourself for who you are.

Good artists aren't just technically good, they bring something of themselves to the artwork. They reveal part of who they are through their work.


Being authentic brings a unique narrative to your work. Tell the stories you are meant to tell the world. It's natural to seek acceptance and recognition from your peers but don't let how others see you stop you doing what you are driven to do. In a culture where hiding ourselves to fit in is the norm being authentic is truly brave and honourable.

Keep shining with who you are.