How to be Creative in the Year of the Horse

The world celebrates the Chinese New Year.  2014 is the Year of the wood Horse.  The horse is active, fast and adventurous. This is a change from the previous slower year of the water snake.

The lively spirit of the horse this year is a great opportunity to take the energy and use it to unfold your creative abilities.

Make this the time to really get going. To set a direction for what you're going to accomplish and stay true to the path while embracing the surprises that will occur along the way.

  • Create more work than you ever have before 
  • Publish your work and get it seen by the world
  • Create partnerships with other artists, galleries, art shows or businesses

How you use the power of the horse in your creative life is up to you. The power comes from setting a tone and harnessing the energy for the next while in your life.

Use the start of the Chinese New Year for inspiration on setting your intentions and following through on them.

Write a top 5 most important things you want to have happen.

Be conscious every day of your top 5 .

Follow through on it and evaluate your progress

Draw, sketch or write about your feelings for 2014.

What you would like to see happen and how that would feel. Then you have that to remind you of the intentions you set now and it will help you stay on track.

artwork by Anna-lise

artwork by Anna-lise