Developing Your Own Manga Style

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Developing your own style Fan art is a great way to get more practice. Do all your favorite characters in their original style or do them in YOUR style. Are you thinking you don’t have a style ? Try this: Collect a group of 20 images of artwork that you admire. When you look at the pictures do they have things in common? That can help direct your to your style.

Your Manga Gallery

Start an Instagram or Tumblr account and post your finished artwork and your work in progress. Here’s why you want to do this. It becomes an gallery for your work. A place to show your art. Its good to see your work ‘published’. Another reason to start your online gallery this way is to see your development. If you practice your Manga or Anime Art you will get better. When you look back at your work on your Instagram or Tumblr account, you will notice the progress. Search hashtags or tags #manga, #anime and character or title of your fan art and like and follow other artists that inspire or interest you.

Try new things

Experiment with taking photos of your art in different kinds of light to see what works best for your art. Try scanning or copying your work and printing it out multiple copies and coloring it directly.

Getting Started Drawing Manga


“Do everything by hand, even when using the computer.”

-Hayao Miyazaki

Manga is a great way for beginning artists to practice drawing skills. Draw what you enjoy and practice every day!

The materials needed for practicing are simple and low cost, just pencil and paper to begin. Use anything to practice basic skills but also have a good set of professional pencils and quality paper for finished artwork.

The pro-level paper allows more erasing and blending without damage to the paper. Better pencils and markers allow smoother movements for more control with your lines.


What You will Learn by Doing Manga Art

Don’t underestimate the creative skills beyond art that you can learn in making your own Manga. Character development, storytelling, pacing, narrative, layout, composition, all come together when you make your own Manga and Anime.

Work in groups for big projects and assign each person a part. Publish and print your own mini-magna.

Learn From the Best Manga Artist

Hayao Miyazaki

Artist Hayao Miyazaki is the award-winning director of the popular animated films, PRINCESS MONONOKEHOWL'S MOVING CASTLE and SPIRITED AWAY.

Hayao Miyazaki
Hayao Miyazaki