Beautiful Wood Art Supplies


Artists Storage Boxes

Be ready when you feel inspired. Beautiful wood boxes are surprisingly inexpensive but last a lifetime.. and more. Check out our Pinterest board of Vintage Art Supplies to see examples of just how long these Artists Storage Boxes can last.


Wood Easels 

Golden wood studio easels are great motivation. Having stable support can improve your painting in the same way you notice how a great brush makes your paint strokes smoother. There is a type of easel for every purpose. If you need help selecting your easel, ask us




Manikins are icons of the classic artist. Studio anatomy models are available in natural or stained expresso finishes. Perfect for decorating with many sizes available. Great gift idea!




Art Kits in beautiful wood storage boxes

What's so surprising about these beautiful art kits are the low prices. They each contain quality art supplies and useful and nicely made wood storage boxes. Make it easy to create with all your supplies so beautifully displayed and ready for you to express yourself.


Wood Painting Palettes

Mix your paints on these easy to hold wood artist palettes. Improve your painting posture and workflow by using palettes with the classic comfort thumbhole.

$4.95 $11.95