Artists Inspiring Artists - Featuring Dika Toolkit


How to find inspiration for art

Following artists on social media is a great source for finding inspiration on multiple levels.

When you see a memorable artwork, break down what you like about it.  Is it the mix of colors?  An unusual use of a traditional material? Maybe you wish you had thought of that concept. How is the artist promoting their work? Do they have an engaging profile? Do they interact with their followers ?

An Artist who is inspiring to me is Dika Toolkit. Here's what I've learned from following him. And here's how he can make me (and you) a better artist.


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Sunny by Toolkit04
Sunny by Toolkit04

How I got inspired

I've been fascinated by Dika Toolkit's style and the development of his characters. Then I saw in his Instagram feed that I was not the only one! There were several other artists that had done tributes to his characters, in their own style. That inspired me to do this mid-tone sketch as a practice piece.

I took it a step further and drew myself as his character, since I was not drawing it to be used commercially. Then I posted it to my Instagram account.

Dika was kind enough to post it on his feed, which landed it on the 'popular page" and received a huge amount of likes and comments. It also became one of the most viewed and commented on artworks in my social media.

Dika toolkit instagram screenshot - Photo
Dika toolkit instagram screenshot - Photo
Instagram popular page

Instagram popular page

5 INSPIRING THINGS I learned from following Dika Toolkit

1. Personality matters.  One of the amazing qualities of Dika Toolkit's work is the believability of the characters he develops, making them feel breathing and alive.

2. Don't overwork it.  Using a minimal about of lines can be more expressive. Study how clear and confidant drawing style suggests detail in imaginative ways.

3. Honor your skills.  Look back through a highly skilled artist's social media feed and you can see how their skills develop through even short periods of time.

4. Communicate.  Let your public see your works in progress, show them things that inspire you. Share your work, you never know who you are inspiring.

5. Go global.  Put your work out there and be active. Dika recently won Linkin Park's 'Castles of Glass' design contest. Congratulations!