Art Stickers

How to make Art Stickers

These samples were all drawn directly on full sheets of label paper and mailing labels.

For durability I spray painted the backgrounds and used Sharpie brand permanent pens.

6 ways to use ART STICKERS

  1. Trade them with other artists.
  2. Give them as gifts.
  3. Sell them.
  4. Decorate everyday objects.
  5. Street art.
  6. Promotional campaigns.

One sheet of 'adhesive label', lightly spray painted. Design drawn with Sharpies. Trimmed to just outside outline.

Tips & Ideas

  • Use stickers as an alternative to ‘business cards’
  • Be responsible about where you place stickers.
  • Use permanent type inks for durability and weather resistance
  • Take advantage of the small size to try out new ideas

Using permanent inks like Sharpies gives you more then durability. The colors saturate the paper, giving you colors and outlines that 'pop'.


Cyberdog Sticker

This sticker was trimmed from a full sheet of label paper and outlined with the red big Sharpie.

The insets for the the goggles and screen are cut from thin prismatic gift wrapping mylar.


Mail Label Sticker

The humble but famous #228 label from the US postal service. Drawn with blue and red ballpoint pens. Get creative and repurpose old stickers.